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There are many benefits to having a high quality café barrier in front of your café, bar or restaurant. From branding and advertising to safety and security, the benefits of having a high quality café barrier are endless. We’ve picked what we believe to be the top 5 benefits of erecting a heavy duty café barrier in front of your property and listed them below. If you have any questions about how a café barrier could help your business succeed, make sure you get in contact with UK Expo today.


Branding is one of the most important things you can do to passively affect your sales. The average UK high street all looks the same in terms of buildings and brickwork – anything to make your café stand out from the crowd is a massive bonus. Want your property to be easily visible? Want your prospective customers to know you sell Fairtrade coffee? Want your café to look professional? All of these can be achieved with a single set of café barriers.


The safety benefits of having a café barrier are numerous. Keep could-be thieves away from your diners’ bags by keeping them off the property, help the visually impaired spot your entrance more easily and keep your chairs and tables from blowing into the street during strong winds. All in all the safety benefits these barriers provide are too important to neglect having a barrier in place.


Having a café barrier is very much an expected standard in Britain today. Cafés lacking a barrier simply don’t look the part, and customers can be fickle things – if you want your customer to feel like they’re in a café, looking the part is a good start.


While we’re on the subject of standards, if your café is licensed to sell alcohol, there’s another set of standards which you will have to pay attention to – UK licencing law. In most cases your customers will be allowed to drink alcohol you sell on your property. If this spills onto the street you could fall foul of licensing laws, which is something you do not want to do to say the very least. Mark off your property boundaries with high quality café barriers and everyone will know where they stand, both literally and figuratively.


As we mentioned before, you want your café to look the part. Café barriers keep your seating area free of crowds, and make your forecourt look more inviting. Part of the aesthetic appeal of using a café barrier system is that they always look clean, requiring very little maintenance. This is especially true here at UK Expo, with our rust free aluminium frames and a choice of PVC and canvas barriers which are wind-proof, water-proof and designed to withstand the elements for years to come.