Pop up Kiosk with Free Fascia Sign from UK Expo LTD.

UK Expo LTD are a leading supplier of high quality kiosks and have supplied most types of services, event organisers, charities and Councils for many years. We are also proud to be the first choice for mobile catering services across the UK and Europe due to our canvas offering both fire retardant and waterproof. Fire retardant canvas is a requirement of many event organisers, especially where the use of a naked flame is involved. We can supply certification should your event require it. Our standard kiosks are 3mt x 3mt, but as your business grows you can buy a second stand and link them together to create a 6mt x 3mt unit, or add more if required. We supply a gutter to link the roofs and you can leave the adjoining walls off to create one big working space.

Supplied with this kiosk is a service counter which fits simply to the tent frame – H:1mt xW:3mt x D:45cm – but which folds in half for transporting and storage. This counter can take up to 50kg in weight. Our kiosks are available with either free fascia signs, or with complete sign sets, and feature a durable aluminium frame with roof and three heavy canvas walls. Choose the free fascia sign option, and we will print your business name including logos, graphics and information onto the fascia sign – enhancing your brand and ensuring that you stand out at any outdoor event.


Interchangeable Sign System

Another great feature is that all of the signs are detachable allowing you to update your brand or advertising message as the need arises. We have many customers that keep a range of signs enabling them to change the branding to suit the event.

Weatherproof Robust 24-bar roof system

We supply event tents for business, robust structures using only the best materials with chunky aluminium frames and good quality canvas giving you a well presented stand that is built to last. A training video is supplied with each unit showing how to anchor the tent on any surface (hard or soft) and once anchored it becomes stable and able to cope with typical British windy conditions.

benefits with this tent

  • Our 3mt x 3mt frames remain free from rust because they are built in quality aluminium.
  • We use a robust 24 bar roof system giving added stability to the roof structure.
  • Our chunky 40mm aluminium legs are more than twice as thick as most of our competitors.
  • We use a quality 600 denier on both roof and walls.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Fire retardant.
  • No assembly required – it just pops up.
  • Largest color range on the web.
  • Fits easily into most small cars for transport.
  • Spare parts service available in case of accidental damage.
  • Free training video showing you how to erect and anchor your tent onto grass or hard standing.
  • Free canvas bags for storage of your event tent, frame and kit.
  • Skewers and ropes for anchorage provided.
  • Signs are custom designed for your business and included in the costs shown on the website.