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Café Barriers
Here at Trade Gazebos and Barriers we know the importance of café barriers and how they represent your business from the outside. The café barrier systems we produce here at Trade Gazebos and Barriers are of a high quality that will not only protect your customers from the weather while they sit outdoors, they will also aid in advertising your company and attracting new customers. Here at Trade Gazebos and Barriers we have designed our café barriers to withstand even the windiest of conditions; our café barriers are all weighted with 10 kg bases while having a wind-safe mesh incorporated in the banner that allows the wind to pass through while making sure your customers are protected from rain, debris and high street foot traffic.
At Trade Gazebos and Barriers we take pride in the fact that all of our products are easy to assemble. The café barriers that we produce are supplied with weighted bases, a cross bar section, spring clips and your customised banner to make the assembly process as easy as possible.

Custom Made Café Screens
Trade Gazebos and Barriers is proud to offer all of our customers the freedom of creating their very own custom made café screens that truly represent their business. We also offer our customers the chance to get creative as we work closely with them, designing a high quality café barrier with which truly sets them apart from their competitors.
We provide café barriers, café screens, café barrier posts and café barrier systems that all work towards advertising your business and giving your customers a warm welcome. Our custom made café screens are a great way to advertise your business whether it's a coffee shop, restaurant, bar or nightclub. The custom made café screens that we design and produce are highly durable and they can withstand most weather conditions.

Café Barriers With Posts
If you're looking to order café barriers with posts for your business, we provide custom made designs for any budget or business requirement. When it comes to café barrier posts we provide our customers with two lengths to choose from as standard - 1.50 metres or 2 metres. If your business requires add-on Café barrier posts or a free standing café barrier with 2 posts, once again we have you covered. Here at Trade Gazebos and Barriers we also sell wall brackets to help you attach your custom made café screens to a nearby wall or a timber framework. This will help you make the most of the space available, linking your café barrier posts directly onto the wall of your business.

Trade Gazebos and Barriers Café Barrier Systems Are Best For Your Business
Here at Trade Gazebos and Barriers our café barrier systems are best for your business, we take great pride in the high quality café barrier systems that we provide. We strive to design the perfect café barrier systems for any budget or business requirements, making your on-site outdoor marketing as easy as possible.If you have any enquiries about our prices or process, please feel free to call us on 01344 306082 today. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.